maandag 29 augustus 2016

Day 3-4: Yosemite national park

Hi guys

Day two and three have already flown by so quickly! The past to days we visited the Yosemite national park and it was absolutely stunning! Nothing like I have ever seen before. The giant rocks that frame the land and trees that go with it are just breathtaking. It’s the perfect proportion of trees and rocks. 

The first day we arrived around noon and we went for a little trip to the giant sequoia trees. These trees were the biggest I had ever seen and that I probably will see in my life. Everything around there in the forest was so peaceful an quiet, you could really come alive there. After this little trip we returned back to the hotel, had dinner and went to bed.

The next day was a longer trip because we had to pass through the entire park. We started our day by visiting the Yosemite village and went on a hike to see the Vernal fall. There were three kinds of hikes, with three levels of difficulty. We chose the first and easiest one, they said that you could see the waterfall fine from up there. But after an exhausting hike up the mountain and arriving to our first stop you could barely see it. I was really disappointed by that, but I couldn't go up any higher. 

After our hike back down we had something to eat and left the village to this really pretty lake of which I can’t remember the name. We had a little stop there and continued our trip to the next stop, which was Mono lake. After the lake we drove to the hotel and went to bed because we were all very tired. 

Talk to you later


Note the really small (normal) tree to the right

cute squirrels everywhere

Mono lake

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