vrijdag 2 september 2016

Day 5-6-7: Death valley- Las vegas-Grand Canyon

Hi guys

Day five wasn’t really exciting, we left our hotel in Mammoth lakes and pursued our trip towards Death Valley. This was a pretty long drive so we took a few stops during the way and arrived in the early afternoon at our next hotel. When we got out of the car it was like you were being put in an oven! It was that hot!! We didn’t know how to act! We decided to spend the day at the pool and visit Death Valley the next day in the morning. When we got to the pool the water was so warm, it was barely a refreshment. We stayed in the water for a while and went for dinner. When it was dark out you could see so much stars!! It was amazing!

The next day we got up, had breakfast and left to visit Death Valley. By this time it was already 
boiling hot, but oh well we had to do it. The different places we saw were literally breathtaking. It was so quiet there, it really brought you peace. The colors of the rocks at the Artist drive were stunning! I didn’t know rocks could be that colorful. After the visit in Death Valley we continued our trip to Las Vegas! 
When we drove into the city everything was so big and shiny haha! We got to our hotel, checked in and went to the pool for a little while because it was boiling hot again. After a refreshing swim we got dressed and left to explore the city. There were casino’s and nightclubs everywhere! 
Unfortunately I am only 17 and couldn’t do much there. The city was impressive to see, and when you have the chance to visit it for a day you should definitely do it, but not longer than a day. 
Because if you’re not there to party or gamble you will have seen everything in a day.  On the other hand, it was very cool to have seen it! 

Day seven we left Las Vegas and drove to the Grand Canyon. Again it wasn’t a special day. We had a long drive to the hotel. When we arrived there, we checked in and left to go to the park. When we got there we walked around a little bit and after an hour or two we left to go and watch the sunset at a viewpoint. After that we went back to our hotel and searched for a place to eat. Seeing the sun set in the Grand Canyon was really pretty! 

Talk to you later

The beautiful colors at Artist drive
Taken at Zabriskie point
The lowest point in Death Valley
The little spec in the rocks is the sea level
Sunset in the Grand Canyon

An indian tower at the Grand Canyon

Some murals inside the tower

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