zondag 28 augustus 2016

Day 1-2: San Francisco

Hi guys

Sorry for not posting the last few days, but I was really tired because of the jetlag and the very busy organization. There also was very bad wifi in the hotels we were staying at. But I am back on track now! 

The first stop we had was one and a half day in San Francisco. It’s such a big city so we wanted to see as much as possible. 
We arrived around noon and went straight to our hotel to drop our luggage of and start wandering around. We hadn’t a lot planned but it was still a lot of walking. Because it was very hard to park your car in the city, we had to take the bus and walk a lot. Taking the bus wasn’t always as easy but a lot of people were willing to help us. The kindness of all these people really amazed me. 

The first thing we saw was this really cool street full of art. I like things like this because this way artists can express their feelings and create what they want. After that we went up and down the street and walked into some cute shops. I had a really hard time not buying everything in the shops, everything was so pretty. By the end of the day we returned to our hotel.

For our flight here and walking around the city I wore my levi’s pants, a shirt and my nike shoes. This was really comfortable to wear on the plane and to walk because it was all really loose. 

A little piece of the art street

The second day we visited Fishermans wharf, this wasn’t really a hit for me, but I really liked pier 39. This was a really cute lane where you could walk up and down and there you could find all sorts of shops. You could also see all the seals sitting on a platform. In the afternoon we visited Lombard street or the crooked street. And after that we drove up to the golden gate bridge. 
In the evening we went to Chinatown and union square. Chinatown I didn’t really like but that was probably because I was really tired. 

In the beginning of the day I was wearing a pants from h&m, a t-shirt and my jean jacket. But when we arrived at Fishermans wharf I was freezing so we had to buy a sweater. 

The next post will be about the Yosemite national park which we visited the past two days and that will be up tomorrow if the wifi is good enough. 
Hope you liked the first road trip post!


Pier 39
The seals

In a bakery that made art with bread!

Lombard street

The old train that drives up and down the streets

Golden gate bridge

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