dinsdag 9 augustus 2016

Favorite apps

Hi guys

Sorry for not posting this weekend, but it was a little hectic with millions of things I had to do. But I am back now and wanted to share with you my favorite apps that I just can't get rid of. I use my phone a lot and wouldn't know what to do without it (but who would?).

My favorite social media apps are Instagram and Pinterest. Instagram you all probably know and love yourself, so I am not going to explain that. Pinterest you might already know. It is an app with millions of pictures about whatever topic you can think of. I like to scroll through those pictures when I am in bed or when I am bored and want some inspiration to do something.

I like to scroll through the clothes of different shops on my phone as well, my favorite shops to do that are asos and Oysho. Asos is a website that sells all types of clothes, from jeans to sweatshirts and underwear. They have almost every brand you can imagine and have a very wide variety to choose from. Oysho is a lingerie and swimwear shop. It is very affordable and they have really cute stuff.

The games I like to play the most are Fall down 2, Tetris and smash hit. I like to play games to relax but these three games are actually very stressful but really fun!

My favorite photo editing apps are VSCOcam and the Gopro app. VSCOcam I use to edit my Instagram photos, but not too much. The go pro app I use to look at the pictures I took with my go pro and to upload them to my phone.

A few random apps that are still favorites of mine are sleep pillow and ski tracks. Sleep pillow is an app that makes all sorts of noises. I like to listen to them to relax when I am feeling down or stressed or when I can't fall asleep. Ski tracks is an app that calculates the maximum speed you reach when going down a hill while skiing or snowboarding. It not only calculates your maximum speed but also your distance, your minimum and maximum altitude, how long it took you... I used to ski on a very high level but after a really bad fall I got a little scared and I don't take as many risks as I used to, but I still ski a lot! So this app comes in handy to see my improvements.

Talk to you tomorrow


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