maandag 1 augustus 2016

Queen B

Hi guys

Yesterday a few friends and I went to the formation world tour, to see Beyoncé. I knew she was amazing, but I didn't know she was f*cking perfect. I had the time of my life and we almost missed the beginning... I knew we had to leave early but the rest thought we could leave about two hours ahead. Well that was a mistake. Her show began at half past eight and at that time we were still in traffic.. Luckily they started the show a little later because there were still so many people waiting to get in. The moment we came into the stadion the music started playing and we all almost started crying. I enjoyed every second of her performance. I don't think I will ever see a better performance than hers. She really knew how the interact with her audience and how to make a wonderful show. Our seats were really good, unfortunately we couldn't see her on the stage very well, but we had perfect sight at the screens.
Here are a few pictures :)

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