zaterdag 30 juli 2016

Little gems

Hello there

One of the things we did while being in France was visiting this pretty castle. Because it was a ruin you couldn’t live in it anymore, but that made it even prettier to take pictures. 
We went there after a day of laying by the pool and walking around, that’s why I am still wearing my bikini and coverup. Nonetheless the outfit did match the theme of the ruin pretty good.
Two years ago we went there during the evening but then it was closed for a private party. So this year I really wanted to see the inside of the castle. Just like the inside, the view was breathtaking.
We really enjoyed the scenery.

All my love 

vrijdag 29 juli 2016

Travel essentials

Hi everyone

Today was our journey back home and I wanted to show you my travel essentials. This time we travelled by train so the journey was rather short. But the things I take with me are always the same.
For clothes I wore a top from Ivivi, my short is from Levi’s and I have some Nikes on. As hand luggage I had a simple bag from Marseille. Here I keep my most used things when I travel.

The first thing I have is my handbag, I put that in there to keep my wallet, phone, lip balm and sunglasses all together. 

The second thing you see is my little makeup bag, you would think it is filled with makeup but there is barely no makeup in it. It’s mostly toiletries in that bag. Like my toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, my contact lenses and then you have some makeup.  

Next I have my glasses, nothing special about that. Just really handy when my lenses are bothering me.
My glasses are from Chanel
The last thing I have in here are my chargers because I hate it when my laptop or phone dies and I don’t have anything to charge it with. 

And not to forget the main thing of the bag is my laptop. This way I can edit things and write down ideas for upcoming blogposts or just play a game to kill the time. 

Talk to you later x

donderdag 28 juli 2016

Precious things

Hi guys

Today I want to share with you my favorite and most valued jewelry. I don't wear a lot of jewelry but I have a few items that I can't do without. Most of them have sentimental value and others I just really like.

The first one I wanted to show you is a bracelet with a little backstory. Last year when I was here with my boyfriend, we were walking around the market and at the very end there was this guy who was making bracelets himself. You could choose your inscription and he would make it. I really liked what he was doing and wanted one for myself, but I ended up with nothing. Off course I had hard feelings about that decision. So this year I wanted to buy one. The whole walk towards his place I was getting excited. Once we got to the place where he was last year, he wasn't there. I was really disappointed but I had to get over it.
Today we went to an other market in Nyons and little did I know, suddenly I saw him sitting there in the corner making bracelets. I was beyond happy.
The description is special to me because it resembles the bond between me and my boyfriend.

The second thing I want to show you are a few bracelets I never take off. The three braided in the middle are memories from places I went to or gifts from other people. The frist bracelet is for good luck and the last worn out little piece of string, is from an exchange student who stayed at my boyfriends' parents place. There are three knots in it and each knot resembles one wish. When it gets broken, my wishes will come true.

This watch I got from a good friend of my mum and me. I was looking for a watch already a long time. He surprised me with this gorgeous watch from Daniel Wellington for my birthday. I got this for my fifteenth birthday and I haven't taken it off ever since.

This ring is probably the most valuable and precious thing I have. I got this from my grandmother and this was a gift from her husband for their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Because it had so much emotional value for her, me getting it was a really big deal. The bond I have with her is very special and I respect her a lot. She would do anything for me and I would do anything for her. That's why I value this so much.

Hope you liked it


woensdag 27 juli 2016

Wandering around

Hi there me again

Yesterday we went to a little town called 'Séguret' and it was so magical. It was like you were back in de Middle Ages. The streets where narrow and all made out of the stone from the mountain.

The town is located high on a mountain which makes the view breathtaking. You had the view over the valley and the mountains behind it. Being there I felt like a princess.
We walked through the little streets and took some pictures. In the middle of the town there was a little fountain next to an old cafe. Here we drank something and that just made the day complete.

Dress from zara- shoes from Birkenstock-
bag from a local shop-
Sunglasses from Ray ban

dinsdag 26 juli 2016

A look into my day

Hi guys

Yesterday we went to our local town and wandered around for a little bit. We came across some cute little shops -where I bought a few bits and bobs- and pretty walls where I had to take some pictures. Everything here is much prettier than in Belgium which makes it a lot easier to take photos. The rest of the day we met up with some friends to eat and after that we visited a little town called 'Séguret'. Here it looked like time stood still, it's a little town up in the mountains where everything is made out of the stone from the mountain. We will go back for sure to take some pictures.

Today we are going to the local market, this is my favorite thing to do. I have been looking forward to this already the whole week. The thing about this market is that you literally can find anything here. My favorite part is of course the clothes, shoes and jewelry. The things you find here are amazing and nothing like you would find in Belgium. The rest of the day we are going to be laying by the pool and doing nothing.

Talk to you later

Top from h&m- shorts from Topshop-
shoes and bag from a local store-
Sunglasses from WE

zondag 24 juli 2016

Let's do this

Hi everyone

I am currently staying in the south of France and this afternoon I had some spare time, so I decided to create this blog. You must be thinking "why would she decide to make a blog all of the sudden?" Well let me tell you that this was not an impulse decision, I have been thinking of starting a blog for several years now but I never got around to do it. Well it's finally here!

I will give you a quick run through of all the things you can expect. I am a huge lover of fashion, so that means a lot of outfit posts and fashion related things! I love traveling so that's something you can expect, but I still go to school meaning that I will talk about my day and share lifestyle things with you. Together with fashion I also love all things beauty related!

Now maybe a little bit about me :). I am 17 years old, I live in Belgium and the upcoming school year I am going to be studying psychology in Leuven. Now you know what I like, you know a little about me so I think it is time to end this post.

Here are some pictures to get to know me even better :)
Just me casually posing

Bijschrift toevoegen
Lots of love