zondag 21 augustus 2016

Festival vibes

Hi guys

Finally I am back!! I had an amazing four days at the festival. As I already told you, we went with a whole group of friends. We were with 16!! I know it's a lot haha! We left very early to get a good spot at the campsite. With all of our luggage we stepped on the train and it was a mess! We had so much stuff that you couldn't even see us sitting there. Once we arrived we had to walk for a good 10 minutes until we arrived at the festival. I was exhausted!! We had to wait around half an hour to get our wristbands which we needed to get in.

Because we were such a large group we had to fight for a big place so that all of us could stay together! And yes there was fighting involved ;). No that's a joke, we had our place fairly quickly. And it was absolutely massive!! Once we were all settled in and our tents were set up, the fun could start!

The first day there weren't lot of artist because the festival hadn't really started yet. Only in the evening there was a party in one of the many rooms they had set up. In the afternoon we just chilled a bit at the campsite and when the night was starting to come around we went for our first party. I usually didn't stay that long because I didn't want to be in a bad mood the next day.

The second day the festival really started. We got up around eight or nine o'clock, had breakfast and talked about the things we had done the day before. Because we were such a big group we weren't always together. Then by the early afternoon we started to go to the festival. What I really liked was that the place we were sleeping was so close to the festival. That way when there wasn't really anything to do at the festival you could go back to the campsite. The rest of the day we went up and down the festival until it was time to go to bed.

The third day wasn't any different to the second. At the festival there were a lot of cool places! They really did a good job with decorating the place. You had 'Food wood' there you could find super tasty things! It was like a mini food village. There also was 'Baraque futur' and 'petit bazar'.

The fourth day there were still performances but I had to leave in the afternoon. When I got home I took a nice shower because that was necessary ;). There were showers at the campsite but the line to get in was too long for me. After the shower I went to bed and had a really good nap! I had an amazing time there and made a lot of new memories!


Inside food wood

Very tasty nacho's

Almost the whole crew

The wristband from the campsite and one for the festival itself

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