donderdag 4 augustus 2016

July favorites

Hi everyone 

Today I wanted to share with you my favorite things that I have been using in the month of July. It's a random selection of various things, But I really recommend them.


The first beauty thing I want to show you is my all time favorite mascara. The roller lash mascara by Benefit. I love this because it gives length and a big curl. I also curl my lashes with an eyelash curler. This mascara in combination with my curled lashes is very satisfying. I think I already used up three of these tubes. There is no mascara that will make me not use the roller lash.

The second thing I am going to talk about is the Bourgeois radiance reveal concealer. I used to wear the Maybelline instant age rewind and absolutely loved it! But the shops near me don’t sell it anymore, which I was really sad about. And then suddenly I was watching Zoella on youtube and she recommended the bourgeois radiance reveal concealer. Ever since I bought it, I have really liked it!

Along with the beauty theme I wanted to share my favorite perfume. It’s the Chanel chance and this is literally my signature scent.I have been using it for already a few years now. In my bathroom cabinets I have other perfumes which I also love, but this one I just can’t live without.

If I didn’t have my Herbal essences dry shampoo I would not be able to live. No that’s a joke, but this one I have been loving lately. With all the other dry shampoos I have tried, my hair would feel dry and it would look a little like there is dust in my hair. But with this one you can’t even see that I have used it.


Skincare wise I love using this Garnier pure active fruit energy scrub. It leaves your face feeling really soft and you can actually see the difference on your skin. Your skin looks a lot more radiant and little spots have gone down a lot.

After the scrub I like to apply a facial cream which makes my face feel really soft in the morning. Lately I have been using the Khiels facial cream. I still have a little travel size tube, but that is enough because I don’t use a lot. You can really go a long way with it because it is really creamy.


I know it is summer, but here in Belgium it can be cold, certainly at night. When I lay in bed I always cuddle with a blanket (or my boyfriend). This Primark blanket is my all time favorite. I got it for my birthday from my mother and I absolutely love it. (All of the pictures are taken on the blanket.)

Two of my food favorites are these chips and cookies. I love nibbling on something when I watch television.

Books and series:

My two favorite books this month are Charly from Patrick De Bruyn and the listography book. Charly is a thriller which revolves around a girl who is charged for murder, but she can’t remember anything from the night before… She is being framed by someone but nobody believes her. It is a fast read and you will absolutely love it. 
The listography book is something I like to do when I want to relax and organise my life :). I like making lists because it gives me a satisfying feeling. This book has the most random lists in it to make and that is what makes it so fun to do.

My current most watched series are faking it and suits. Suits has just aired its new season. It revolves around a few cocky lawyers who talk their way out of everything and always have an answer ready. That’s what makes the series so fun. 
Faking it is a series about the lives of a few high school students who have to get through the basic teenage drama. This creates fun scenarios and situations that everyone can relate to. 

Hope you liked it


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