vrijdag 5 augustus 2016


Hi guys

Today I felt a little melancholic and started to look through my prom pictures. I graduated this year but yet it feels like much longer. I had a really good time there and it was also really sad because everybody knew that some people wouldn't see each other again. But we tried not thinking about it and were having the best time of our lives.

I was in the organizational group and boy it was hard sometimes. Not everybody in this group got along so that resulted into some struggles with making certain decisions. It was a lot of work and combining it with our schoolwork it was a lot to handle at times. But we got there! We had a decent budget, we got our budget from the party we organized. We had to book a space that was big enough for all of us and the dates and it still had to be affordable and look good. That was not easy. We had some setbacks because our school wasn't allowed in the best places because the previous years had trashed those places. Unfortunately we had to settle with a space that was used for parties. It was not that pretty but very affordable! We had a lot of budget to decorate the place. When we told the rest of the sixth year that we were having prom at that place everybody was thinking "Oh boy that will never work..."

Very plain
Before the decorations

A lot of balloons were used
After we worked our magic

The day of the prom everybody looked amazing. Even the space where it was held came out pretty good. Everybody was amazed by how good it looked and we received a lot of compliments on the decoration. 

We first had a reception with the teachers and after they had left, we started diner and then the party started. It was a very fun night spend with all my best friends and I could't have pictured it any other way.
I was wearing a long light pink backless dress with little pearls all over. My hair was pretty simple because the dress was the eye-catcher. I had some light pink shoes on and had borrowed earrings from my mother. I also had a dance dress because I didn't want to ruin the long one. The dress had a black top and a mauve sequin skirt.

Lot's of love

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