zondag 25 september 2016

Day 14-15-16-17: Jackson- Salt Lake City

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Day fourteen we left Yellowstone and head towards Jackson. We had to go through the park one last time, because that way we also drove through the Grand Teton national park. Driving through Yellowstone we came across a viewpoint we couldn’t really see the first day because of the bad weather. So we decided to do it now, and it was absolutely worth it, the colors of the Grand prismatic geyser were so pretty! After that we continued our drive. We drove through Grand Teton and the views there were amazing. You had the forests and open spaces with behind it these huge rock formations! It was really cool to see. We arrived to Jackson around two in the afternoon. 

When we were done getting our suitcases to the hotel, we went for a little walk around town. Jackson wasn’t that big but you could stroll around for a couple of hours. We visited some cute, but very expensive shops and took pictures at the famous antler arches that are made there. The arches are made with real antlers from the moose. They drop their antlers during spring and the local boy scouts make it an activity to go and look for them. After our the day in Jackson we went to bed and left the next day for Salt Lake City.

We arrived in Salt Lake city and it was already three o’clock in the afternoon. We hadn’t been shopping at all lately, so I wanted to go shopping here. We went to the city creek shopping centre and there I was finally in my natural habitat again ;). We stayed there until six or seven in the evening and went back to our hotel. Back at the hotel we had to wait for a friend that was visiting us. He lives in Seattle and got on a plane to see us. When he arrived we had diner and after that we went to bed. 

The next day my parents and Brian (the friend who came to visit us) went for an exhausting hike and I was left to do something on my own. I really liked the alone time! I went for a little walk and then got back to the hotel, watched some movies and youtube. When they got back, they were almost dead! There was an elevation level of around 900 meters. That made it a lot harder to breath. When they cleaned themselves up a little bit, we were going to eat sushi. After eating this delicious meal, we all went to bed because tomorrow will be an exhausting day.

The last day here in America. First thing we did was pack our suitcases and after that we wanted to spend our last moments here with Brian. We went for a drink and ate a little something. After a few hours of walking around it was time to say goodbye and leave for the airport. 

And now I am back in Belgium, recovered after a bad jetlag. I was really nauseous for a few days, but now everything is fine! I know this took a while to get up but I had to get my apartment ready for the new school year, which starts Monday. I am really excited and nervous at the same time. You can expect a few post about my apartment, because I really love it!!

Hope you liked seeing the pictures from our trip! 

The Grand Prismatic
The view at Grand Teton

The arch made out from antlers
Cute art along the sidewalk


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