zondag 4 september 2016

Day 9-10: Bryce Canyon- Zion national park

Day nine we had to leave pretty early because we had a long drive ahead of us and we had to visit two parks and the horseshoe bend in page, all on one day. So we left the hotel and hit the road. We arrived pretty early at the horseshoe bend, but I wasn’t really impressed by it. After that we hit the road again. Around the time we had to start seeing signs to the Zion national park we were distracted and weren’t paying enough attention. We did see the rocks turning more red around us but we didn’t link it to the park. So we just drove further and further… About half an hour left to get to our hotel, we finally were thinking that we missed the junction towards the park. That was very disappointing, because driving back would be a really long way. So we arrived earlier than expected at our hotel. We visited Bryce Canyon and saw the sunset in the amphitheater. That was really pretty! All the little horns pointing up in the sunlight. 

The horseshoe bend

The colors during the day

There were deers everywhere

Colors during sunset

Today we had an even longer drive. From Bryce canyon we had to drive 5 hours to the next place. Because we missed Zion yesterday, we decided to do it today which was an extra two hours driving towards the park and than another few hours spending in the park. That’s why we had to leave extra early today. I was really happy that we did do the park because it was very pretty! It looked like Yosemite but there all the rocks were grey and all of these rocks were red! The colors were really amazing! We left the park around half past two and now while I am writing this were an hour away from the hotel. It was a long but good day!

Goodnight loves


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