vrijdag 29 juli 2016

Travel essentials

Hi everyone

Today was our journey back home and I wanted to show you my travel essentials. This time we travelled by train so the journey was rather short. But the things I take with me are always the same.
For clothes I wore a top from Ivivi, my short is from Levi’s and I have some Nikes on. As hand luggage I had a simple bag from Marseille. Here I keep my most used things when I travel.

The first thing I have is my handbag, I put that in there to keep my wallet, phone, lip balm and sunglasses all together. 

The second thing you see is my little makeup bag, you would think it is filled with makeup but there is barely no makeup in it. It’s mostly toiletries in that bag. Like my toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, my contact lenses and then you have some makeup.  

Next I have my glasses, nothing special about that. Just really handy when my lenses are bothering me.
My glasses are from Chanel
The last thing I have in here are my chargers because I hate it when my laptop or phone dies and I don’t have anything to charge it with. 

And not to forget the main thing of the bag is my laptop. This way I can edit things and write down ideas for upcoming blogposts or just play a game to kill the time. 

Talk to you later x

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