zondag 24 juli 2016

Let's do this

Hi everyone

I am currently staying in the south of France and this afternoon I had some spare time, so I decided to create this blog. You must be thinking "why would she decide to make a blog all of the sudden?" Well let me tell you that this was not an impulse decision, I have been thinking of starting a blog for several years now but I never got around to do it. Well it's finally here!

I will give you a quick run through of all the things you can expect. I am a huge lover of fashion, so that means a lot of outfit posts and fashion related things! I love traveling so that's something you can expect, but I still go to school meaning that I will talk about my day and share lifestyle things with you. Together with fashion I also love all things beauty related!

Now maybe a little bit about me :). I am 17 years old, I live in Belgium and the upcoming school year I am going to be studying psychology in Leuven. Now you know what I like, you know a little about me so I think it is time to end this post.

Here are some pictures to get to know me even better :)
Just me casually posing

Bijschrift toevoegen
Lots of love


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