dinsdag 26 juli 2016

A look into my day

Hi guys

Yesterday we went to our local town and wandered around for a little bit. We came across some cute little shops -where I bought a few bits and bobs- and pretty walls where I had to take some pictures. Everything here is much prettier than in Belgium which makes it a lot easier to take photos. The rest of the day we met up with some friends to eat and after that we visited a little town called 'S├ęguret'. Here it looked like time stood still, it's a little town up in the mountains where everything is made out of the stone from the mountain. We will go back for sure to take some pictures.

Today we are going to the local market, this is my favorite thing to do. I have been looking forward to this already the whole week. The thing about this market is that you literally can find anything here. My favorite part is of course the clothes, shoes and jewelry. The things you find here are amazing and nothing like you would find in Belgium. The rest of the day we are going to be laying by the pool and doing nothing.

Talk to you later

Top from h&m- shorts from Topshop-
shoes and bag from a local store-
Sunglasses from WE

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